House on lake Wörthersee with carbonised larch facade

Building project: Lake house in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia)
Product used: Carbonised larch

Located directly on Lake Wörthersee, this lakeside house impresses with a facade made of carbonised larch wood.

The black colouring looks graceful and elegant, while the large glass windows and doors with their light-coloured natural wood frames provide a pleasant contrast.

The lush green of the meadow in the garden and the clear, turquoise waters of Lake Wörthersee provide matching colour accents – all in all, this is a beautiful and fascinating sight that evokes a holiday feeling!

Our top woods from our product range at a glance.

Carbonised woods

Charred black, three-dimensional look, strong character structure

Using our traditional, vertical deep-charring process, our woods are carbonised with pure flame according to the Japanese Yakisugi method, resulting in extremely resistant, durable wood products with a unique, black charred surface structure which, thanks to its exclusive character, is also compared to alligator skin, silk wood or leather.

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Refined woods

Traditionally carbonised, brushed and carefully finished by hand.

If you opt for the refined style, the already carbonised wood is then carefully brushed by hand and refined using a special process so that the grain and structure are revealed under the layer of carbon. Depending on the processing and type of wood, our wood finishing creates an exclusive colour look: from elegant silver-grey to an ingenious reclaimed wood look in rustic brown tones.

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