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Ennobled awarded start-up of the year

There is cause for celebration for Ennobled, customers and partners: Ennobled was named the best young company in the “Start-up” category at the WIKARUS 2023 Salzburg Business Awards! At the award ceremony on May 16, company owner Bernhard Moser and Sales Manager Elisabeth Burbach proudly accepted the “WIKARUS” trophy.


Innovative products deserve a suitable online presence

About the WIKARUS

The WIKARUS Salzburg Business Award is presented annually to companies with outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative achievements that recognize and exploit new market opportunities and are thus able to position and assert themselves on the market with above-average success. Criteria for the award include successful market entry, sustainable development and well-known reference customers.

Victory in the “Business start-up” category

With various projects throughout Europe – from business premises in London to a hotel in Saalbach – the WKO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) has now officially named Ennobled GmbH one of the most promising start-ups in the country!

Incidentally, the jury of renowned business experts also took Ennobled’s sophisticated online presence into account in their assessment. We are particularly pleased about this because we have recently put a lot of energy and resources into creating our new website, which recently went online!

Thanks to an innovative design and detailed text, we can now present our product range even better online.

In addition, you will now find comprehensive background knowledge on all topics related to carbonized woods on our website: starting with Yakisugi and the process of our traditional deep-charring process, through the explanation of what is behind the wood modification, to detailed product descriptions and a scientific portal for research and development.

The jury’s verdict fills us as Ennobled GmbH with pride

Innovation and design – these values are also represented by our carbonized and refined woods. At WIKARUS , we received great encouragement for this from both the jury and the audience.

“The winning company is literally on the wooden path – in a positive sense, as the wood sector is one of the greatest strengths in the province of Salzburg,” said the presenter. He continued: “In this case, the traditional raw material is refined using an advanced, traditional process and made weatherproof. The carbonized wood is therefore particularly suitable for the demanding weather conditions in the Alps. Carbonization makes the wood durable without the use of chemicals and turns it into an exclusive design element for indoor and outdoor use. The fact that Ennobled leaves nothing to chance can only be said in the context of the company’s economic success. In the time that the company has been on the market, it has already put in an impressive performance.”

Words that naturally give us great pleasure as Ennobled GmbH. And the wood journey is far from over – our sustainable, innovative and carbonized woods definitely still have a lot of upside potential!

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